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it's all about numbers
rsokolov wrote in legalize_kretek
First off, thanks to all of you who have joined so far. The more people join, the higher the chances.

Ultimately, there are two strategies that can be pursued. One is to try to convince the Congress to repeal the ban, the other - to challenge the ban on constitutional grounds through the court system.

But at this point, what we need to accomplish is to establish a network of people who care about this issue. First, online, then possibly offline as well.

The number of adults younger than retirement age living in the United States is approximately 200 million people. Of those 20% smoke. That's 40 million. Consumption rate of clove cigarettes is 0.2%. The actual number of people who smoke them is hard to estimate, since some people smoke cloves in addition to other cigarettes, and others don't smoke them regularly. But let's take the lowest estimate - 0.2% of smokers. That's 80 thousand people. 70% of American adults use Internet. Say, 10% of them care enough about the issue to click a button or to sign a petition. That's 5600 people that can realistically be expected to be willing to join the network.

The problem is, the network does not yet exist. There are, probably, nodes here and there, but no connectivity.

So, if any of you guys know another forum or group or blog dedicated to this issue, please, post the links and we'll add them to the profile.

In the future, we might create a stand-alone website or a blog as a hub for the pro-clove movement, but let's first see if we can accomplish something here.

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I have been harassing smokers and innocent friends all over the campus this evening. There is no network, because no one seems to know! And the first response is always, ironically both historically and situationally, "aren't cloves bad for your lungs?"

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