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Legalize Kretek
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to repeal fda ban on flavored cigarettes
The purpose of this community is to unite people, who support repeal of the FDA ban on flavored cigarettes, to provide information related to this issue and links to other relevant online and offline resources and organizations.

Our Facebook Group: Legalize Kretek

Other Facebook Groups:

1. SAVE KRETEK (CLOVE) CIGARETTES!! - This is the largest, thus far.
2. Keep Kretek Legal - This groups ranks second in membership.
3. Let them have Kretek! - This group is intended as a petition directly to President Obama and Senators for repeal of H.R. 1256. The group is small in numbers, but there are posts of links and proactive discussions.

Anymore? Please let us know!

Contact: legalize.kretekATgmail.com

Disclaimer: The maintainers of this community are not affiliated with the Kretek International company or any other tobacco-related business.